Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Final Day

For the final day, I was able to present all my findings to Mr. Jones. We sat down and had a talk about what I had found in my research. Turns out I had independently found the patent that the USPTO had originally rejected this companies patent on! That was exciting for me because I was able to have some impact on how this case went. I was also able to show Mr. Jones the Google Search for patents. It's a program devised by Google that allows lawyers or just researchers/investors to search key words and then they are given a list of patents that have those same keywords in them. We sat together as he searched through patents with the keywords of the patent we were trying to invalidate. This lead to us finding numerous ones that he would be able to use in his case.

This experience has been very beneficial to me. I have been able to engage in a job that I had doubts about. But as I worked and explained certain claims and arguments, I found that I really enjoyed the research and the argumentative aspect to being a patent lawyer.

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